Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Tree House

A tree house it is!

We wanted something more for the kids to do outside. We decided on a tree house.

My son wanted a trapdoor, and the authority to keep his sisters out. (We agreed on the trapdoor).

My daughters, especially the youngest, wanted a slide. How about a fast one?

Grandma K had given us a cargo net.

My wife wanted the patio shelf/barrier/why-did-they-put-that-there-thing gone. Some of the wood could be reused.

Dad always needs another project.

And, of course, we already had the tree.

So, a few hours (plus a few hours more), and the consulting designers, chief helpers, and final arbiters get a chance to try it out. I think I see smiles.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soccer Saturday

Today was a soccer Saturday. My son's game was first at 9:00. Then our daughter had two games, one right after the other. I get a kick watching my children play. By the end, my voice was hoarse. It is normal for me to be one of those cheering parents, but this year I have the added excuse of being the coach.

Important coaching words: To the goalie: "You can pick up the ball. Use your hands." To a forward: "No, we're going the other way".

I shared right in the joy of the team when they scored, especially my daughter's team's first goal -they had had a tough time last week, being on the less pleasant side of an 11 nothing game.

But of course for the the players the treat still appeared to be the highlight of the day!