Saturday, March 20, 2010

Elaine Rocks!

Elaine Bradley rocks. As her cousin, I have known this for years. Now it is in wide release for the world to see.

She is currently in the band Neon Trees. If you are trying to find her in the band, and the fact that she is the only female has not helped you, please know she is the drummer. If you still can't find her, well, you haven't got a ha'penny.

The band's first album came out March 16, 2010. The single, Animal, has been getting play and has a music video. Watch them on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, March 23rd.

CD: Habits, both CD and mp3's of the tracks at Amazon.
Vinyl: Can you believe it is also out in vinyl, Habits.
Single, Animal - Neon Trees - Animal - Single - Animal Free download!
Neon Trees - Habits (Bonus Track Version) Neon Trees - Habits (Bonus Track Version) choose any single or the whole album with bonus tracks.